18th Assistant Teacher Job Circular & Exam Rules 2023

Assistant Teacher Job Circular & Exam Rules 2023

There are about 36,000 private educational institutions across the country, including lower-secondary, secondary, college, madrasa and technical. It is necessary to recruit qualified teachers in these private educational institutions. And for that purpose, since 2005, NTRCA (NTRCA) has been introduced by the government to recruit qualified teachers in private educational institutions.

There is no job opportunity in any private school or college of the country without this registration. Therefore, if you want to make a career in teaching, you must take the teacher registration exam.

Eligibility Of 18th Assistant Teacher Exam 2023

You must have at least a graduation pass to appear for the Assistant Teacher Examination. However, those candidates who have just passed can apply with the certificate, mark sheet, admit card given by the concerned educational institution.

Only one third division or its equivalent GPA result during the candidate’s academic career will be acceptable in applying for registration examination.

In this case, if the GPA of the third division or its equivalent is more than once in the educational life of the candidate, he will be considered ineligible to participate in the examination.

Candidate age should be between 18-35 years for applying.

Assistant Teacher Job Circular & Exam Rules 2023

Private (NTRCA) Teacher Recruitment Test Procedure 2023

18th NTRCA Private Teacher Assistant Teacher Exam consists of 3 stages. College Stage, School Stage and School Stage-II.

This teacher recruitment exam is done in 3 stages. There are preliminaries, written and oral tests.

First there is a preliminary exam of 100 marks. 40% marks in Preli are usually passed.

Later on the passed candidates are taken for written test and oral test based on marks in written test.

Final passing candidates are awarded a certificate. Later, by applying online with NTRCA with this certificate, you can get employment in any private educational institution on the basis of merit list. The validity of this certificate of the candidate will be for life.

NTRCA Job Result 2023

Assistant Teacher Pre-Examination Schedule 2023

Let’s take a look at the pre-examination subject and distribution of private teacher registration exam at school and college level.

Content Number Distribution:
Bangla 25
English 25
Mathematics 25
General Knowledge 25
Total – 100

MCQ exam of 100 marks is conducted in private teacher registration preliminary. Time is 1 hour. Each question will carry value 01. But 0.05 will be deducted for each wrong answer.

Only those who qualify the pre-examination will be eligible to appear in the Teacher Registration Written Examination of 100 marks of 3 hours on any one of the optional subjects.

Assistant Teacher Pre-Examination Syllabus 2023

It is very important to prepare subject-wise to prepare thoroughly for the Teacher Registration Exam Preliminaries. So it is necessary to have a clear idea about the syllabus to prepare separately for each subject.

Let’s take a look at the prelim syllabus of teacher registration exam-

Bengali – 25

1) Grammar and use of punctuation

2) Idioms and idioms

3) Error correction or correction

4) Accurate translation

5) Termination of contract

6) factorial division

7) Samas and Pratyaya

8) Synonyms and antonyms

9) Sentence contraction

10) Gender change

English – 25

1) Sentences

2) Translation from Bengali to English

3) Change of Parts of Speech

4) Right forms of verb

5) Fill in the blanks with appropriate words

6) Transformation of sentences

7) Synonyms & Antonyms

8) Idioms & Phrases

General Mathematics – 25

1) Arithmetic: Average, L.S.G., G.S.G., Unit Rule, Profit-Loss, Percentage, Interest, Ratio-Proportion.

2) Algebra: Formulation and application of algebraic formulas in solving generators, real numbers, formulas and applications containing squares and cubics, formulas and applications of exponentials, exponents and logarithms.

3) Geometry: General concepts, rules and applications of lines, angles, triangles, quadrilaterals, areas and circles.

General Knowledge-25

1) Matters related to Bangladesh

2) International affairs and current affairs

3) Basic knowledge of science, technology, environment and diseases

4) Among the topics related to Bangladesh are the geography and climate of Bangladesh, education, history, language movement and liberation war, civilization and culture, famous places, state system of Bangladesh, communication system, economy, various resources (forest, industry, agriculture, water), National Day. There may be questions from etc.

5) International issues include questions from various international organizations, regional and economic organizations, various country introductions, currencies, climate change and disasters, international days, awards and honors, sports, etc.

6) In addition, there are questions related to health, medicine, science in daily life (materials, chemistry and life sciences), information, communication and technology, common diseases and environmental science.

Finally, passing the Assistant Teacher Exam Prelims is not a very difficult task. It requires your morale, willingness to work hard and planned preparation. Remember, hard work is never wasted. In the examination of some job it will be useful.

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