Darya Dugina Biography : Wiki, birth- Death, Husband, Family, Height, Age, Career and More..

Darya Dugina Biography : Wiki, birth- Death, Husband, Family, Height, Age, Career and More

Most of the people of the world are now wanting to know about Darya Dugina because of its latest news and latest information based on time, so We will present complete details of Darya Dugina biography and darya’s life character through our website and our articles. Lets start with a question. Read More –  Anne Heche Biography  

Who are Darya Dugina ? 

Her full name is Darya Aleksandrovna Dugina. Her other name was
Daria Platonova. Her fist identity is that she is the second daughter of Aleksandr Dugin. The Russian philosopher for Vladimir putin. She was a Russian journalist and political activist. She is form Russia.

Darya Dugina’s Birth And Death

She was born in 15 December 1992.
Moscow, Russia and she died in 20 August 2022 at the age of 29. In Bolshiye Vyazyomy, Odintsovsky District, Moscow Oblast, Russia. She died because of Car bomb. She died in 2022 when he was only 29 years old and now we will know how she died. He was killed by a car bomb. She was going to a festival called “tradition” in the moscow. But the car exploded in Vyazyomy outside Moscow. In An investigation revealed that there was a bomb in his car but it is still unclear who it was meant for, possibly for her father. Because her father also wanted to come with her to that festival in that car, but his father did not come in that car so it is still unclear.

Darya Dugina’s Height And Weight

Darya Dugina height approximately 5f. 5in. And weight approximately 58kg. Her eye couler is brown and hair couler blonde

Darya Dugina’s husband and childreen

We are not sure that she was married at the time of her death. Also there is no information about her children.

Darya Dugina’s Family

Her father name is Aleksandr Dugin. and his second wife, philosopher Natalya Melentyeva. Her father Russian political philosopher, and strategist, known for his National Socialist views. Her mother Natalya Melentyeva. She had a brother named Artur Dugin. Artur Dugin is Rock musician. He is elder of Darya Dugina. He is 36 years old.

Darya Dugina’s Early life

When she graduated from Moscow State University, he was enrolled in a state course in Greek philosophy and completed her postgraduate studies in philosophy from Moscow State University.

Darya Dugina’s Career

After university, he worked as a journalist, writing for the state-controlled media outlet RT. Using the name Daria Platonova, she was associated with the International Eurasian Movement and worked for them as a political commentator. In 3 march 2022 he was listed in the US embargo. and was the editor and head of a misleading website, name United World International along with his father’s secretary she was also as his father’s press secretary. Dugina was outspoken when 2022 came and war broke out in Ukraine, saying that Russian’s martial law was devolving into a civil war. On 4 July 2022, he was sanctioned by the British government and presented various misinformation and depictions of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which led to his deposition saying, “I am an ordinary reporter and should not have been sanctioned.

About Her Net Worth

She has a net worth approximately 1.5$ million.

Many More About Darya Dugina

• Darya Dugina is a benefactor to a website name United World Worldwide (UWI)..
• she was a Russian UWI chief editor.

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