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GST Admission authorities published their apply date and application process through online. There are 32 universities are included in this year GST admission 2022 system. The full admission process can be found on our website. If any university admission candidate wants to know about the GST admission 2022 all process then follow our instruction. We hope that will be useful for all of them.

GST Admission 2024 Apply

After the higher secondary school certificate exam the admission systems is come. The GST admission system is started in the previous year. In the few years ago the, there is different exam was taken from the students for the separated universities. But from the previous year the universities authorities started to take admissions from   the students in the GST admission system. And in this year they published GST Admission application 2022. How can apply, when can apply, which website can for apply, who can apply all the information are provided in this article. So please take a tien read the article and archived your information.

What is GST? How apply GST? 

There are most of the students questions that what is GST? . GST admission system is a system where is included 32 universities. The university authorities takes only one exams for the 32 university. And after the examination the candidates who’s are passed in the GST exam they are serialed . And which students are got a serial in the list they can apply for their desired university. If they got the marks which universities need they can be admitted.

This is GST admission system & admission process . Every students need to got the pass mark in the exam. If you not get the pass mark we are not able to apply for the university. And you need to remember that the 32 universities are included in the GST Admission 2022. So candidates need to be serious for the GST admission 2022. And if you need any information about the admission system, we will are for you. We hope that GST admission systems are cleared for every students.

GST Admission Apply 2024

There are most of the students don’t know how to apply for the GST admission. But this is the most important to know every candidates. Because authorities cannot be held responsible for just a few mistakes. That’s why every candidates must have to know about the GST admission apply 2022. According to the admission apply, our website providing the GST admission apply 2022 in step by step. The application will be completed correctly if you follow our instructions.

GST A unit apply 2024

Students need to have a general knowledge about each their unit. Because   one candidates can apply for the only one unit. And this year unit change option is not available. So that candidates have to apply for the GST admission be carefully. If you wants to apply in the A unit for the GST admission then follow this article. Because here is all the information are included about gst admission 2024.

GST B Unit apply 2024

Basically gst B unit is for the humanities group. The students who’s are studying in the humanities they are included in the B unit. These students can apply in the B unit. The apply process of this unit is same. Students who wants to apply in the B unit they can apply in the same way.

GST C Unit apply 2024

C unit is made for only commerce students. If there are any commerce students who wants to apply in the GST admission 2022, they can apply in the C unit. Because unit change option is not available in this year. And the apply process for the C unit of GST admission is the same. Follow our above instructions and complete your application process through online.

GST Admission 2024 apply process

Who Can apply for the GST Admission 2022.?The students who passed in the HSC exam 2022 can apply for the GST Admission 2022. And in the previous year HSC passed students can also apply for the GST admission 2022. Because second timer students also able to attend in the GST admission. This year they published that the second timer students are also attend in the examination. For that, in previous year passed HSC students  can also apply for the GST admission 2022.

GST Admission 2022 seat plan and number.
There 32 university total seats are included in the GST admission. Every units has separate seat for the admission. The number of the every units seat is given below.

  • Unit A ( Science) : 12001 available seat. 
  • Unit B (Humanities) : 6929 available seat. 
  • Unit C ( Commerce) : 3535 available seat. 

This is the number of seat for the GST admission 2022. If any students are seria in this number of seat they will able to apply for the final selection. And after that they will get a chance to study in the university.

There is some happy news is that this year second timer admission students also will be attend in exam. Because the university authorities also take admission from the second timer students. So that is the big opportunity  for the second timer students.  There is no ways to do tension about the GST admission 2022.

GST Admission 2024 mark distribution and rules

There are many students questions abou the mark distribution of GST admission. Because  knowing mark distribution is most important for the students. Every students need to know about the mark distribution of GST admission. Admission exam is held in the 100 marks every year. And there are only MCQ questions. CQ questions is not included in the admission. For that, this year the exam also held in the MCQ questions. And there are 100 marks are included for the examination. Students must need to answered 100 marks of MCQ questions.

Every separated department have different marks. For the science unit exams have different mark. And humanities departments have another mark distribution. The mark distribution of GST admission is given below.
Science unit :-

Physics : 20
Chemistry : 20
Math / ICT / Biology : 40
Bangla : 10
English : 10
Humanities unit :-
Accounting : 25
Management : 25
Bangla + English : 25
ICT : 25

GST Admissions Apply 2022 | GST Admission 2022 | GST Admission 2022 Mark Distribution | GST Admission 2022 Seat Plan | GST Admission Result 2022  

This is the mark distribution for the GST admission 2024. We hope that you will be archived your proper information. There are also some conditions also for the application. For the science department students must need GPA 8.00. And for the humanities department the GPA 6.00 needed and GPA. 6.50 are needed for the commerce department students. And the GPA points is included for the SSC and HSC exam. If there are any students who’s don’t have this kind of GPA he will not able to apply for the admission.

This is the all information about the GST admission 2022. Every information are included in this article. If any admissions candidates need this information then he can follow our article.

There are most of the students dream that studying in the top class university of bangladesh. For that, they need to prepared them-self admission exam. And you need to also follow the instructions to get a chances in the admission. The GST admission 2022 is the most important admission for the students. Every students need to follow the rules of the GST Admission 2022.

Gst University, University’s list 2024

1. Jagannath University.

2. Islamic University.

3. Khulna University.
4. Comilla University.
5. Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University.
6. Begum Rokeya University, Rangpur.
7. University Of Barisal.
8. Rabindra University, Bangladesh.
9. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Digital University, Bangladesh.
10. Sheikh Hasina University.
11. Shahjalal University Of Science & Technology .
12. Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science & Technology University.
13. Mawlana Bhashani Scienece & Technology University.
14. Noakhali Science & Technology University.
15. Jesore University Of Science & Technology.
16. Pabna University Of Science & Technology.
17. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Science & Technology University.
18. Rangamati Science and Technology University.
19.Bangamata Sheikh Fojilatunnesa Mujib Science and Technology University.
20. Patuakhali Science and Technology University.

Guccho New University List | Gst New University List

Public University Grants Commission has announced that a total of 32 universities will participate in this year’s Honours First Year 2021-22 academic year cluster examinations ( Guccho exam 2022) .

This year a bunch (gucco) of fans have been listed among the universities given below it in all the universities.

1. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman University, Kishoreganj.

2. Chandpur University of Science and Technology.

3. Habiganj Agricultural University.

This year the 3 universities will prepare for the bunch (Gucco) admission test.

Last Word : 

On our website we are provided the information abou the GST admission 2022. If you need to know about the marks distribution, apply process and Seat Plan then visit our website. Because the all things are included on our website. And if you have any problem for the information then contact with us. We will help you as we do.

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